[Kraf – tuhrs} come one and all!

Well, what a night. It’s not about consumerism but about being among the people. I love packing up a little bit of the shop and going on the road. I love getting outside my comfort zone where I can be an artist among artists as opposed to some yarn shop owner. If we can teach just one person to knit or needle felt then we have done our job for the night.

Last night, we had one pumpkin maker. She is an adorable 6 year old with big eyes. Just like I figured, Mom was the one sculpting away at the wool. It was fun to watch her get in to the process.

As always, the fiber enthusiasts showed up. We had four lovely ladies across from me and four more behind me. The vibe was much more festive than before. Plenty more bustle and less hustle.

NOTE: there are 2 parking lots. I will remind you next month. The last Tuesday of November is the date to remember. We will have Rudolph, Frosty and a few other felting projects on the table!

This is an exciting time!

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