Last night was the fundraiser for the Back Bay Therapeutic Horseback Riding. The money we raised helps to care for the rescued horses. The horses are part of a bigger program that helps mentally and physically challenged children to have a shot at confidence, empowerment, skill building and more. The parents are amazing. As one adopted Father said…”This is not something a parent signed up for…nor the child.”

“The stride of the horse is closest to that of a human,” Bernadette added. While riding, the children use their leg muscles in similar ways as walking. In some cases, after months of training, children are able to start walking with assistance and hopefully on their own. One step is from a developmentally disabled child is an enormous stride emotionally for the parent.

Last night we auctioned off four knit pieces, a felted purse and a needle felting project basket. Our shop to date has helped raise nearly $1200 which will pay for three months of care for Snickers. If Snickers is healthy then these wonderful kids can ride. That makes me happy!

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