A Yarn to Tail…

We are talking about Yarnosphere and the fact that we sold out…SOLD OUT OF ALL OUR HAND DYED YARN. Well, we have about seven skeins left. One will go off to Mr. Bennett, the lucky winner of our 2013 Jane Austin Knits. His wife will be excited to receive her “Eleanor Blushed” which is apropos. I think she will be pleased.


What makes our yarn so special? You can figure out our base any day of the week. Not going to give that secret away. It’s what we do with the blank canvas that makes our product special. A lot of the trouble starts with the fact that I am a little bit hyperactive and I tend to splatter paint my way through life. My partner in crime, Jill is the total opposite. She is measured and determined. We both have the ability to study a color and recreate it. What makes our collaboration work is then how we perceive the color… Mood Indigo or Tyrian Purple?

Either way we are excited to announce that we will be releasing a fresh crop of hand dyed yarn mid November. I have a few surprises in store because along with our regulars, I love to have a few themed color ways as well!

Stay tuned!


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