A Yarn with a Tail

We love to hand dye yarn. We love to go to the beach. Why not take the yarn to the beach? So we trekked back to Laguna to catch some of that good morning light. Waves were crashing. Wind was blowing. The sun was warm. For some reason everything always looks better down at the beach. In the native American culture, the sea or open water was thought of as a portal or gateway to the other worlds. Okay, that’s being too spiritual, but you have to admit that after a walk on the beach that you feel good…you know you do.

The funny part of this tale is that I just found out that we are the only yarn shop in South O.C. to “represent” at the upcoming Yarnosphere. Quite awesome because I feel that being in Costa Mesa that we should represent. The fair grounds are in Costa Mesa. Get my meaning. So a morning at the beach means chilling out before the next two weeks of preparation.

Stay with me on this. So now not only do we have our hand dyed yarn, the awesome Aquitania and a few other tricks up our sleeve, but we also have the attention of several hundred craft friendly people who may not have known we existed. I would rather pound the cement for a weekend than waste money on a paper ad. Shaking hands and celebrating the people who pass through my shop is what makes this business fun. So we have some repeats below, but I also wanted to showcase the new colors: sea glass, dark knight, twilight, harp inn, danish mermaid, and so on. The idea is that we continue to maintain our style while representing the best of O.C.!

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