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sheepwalk_roundIf dreams can come true, then let’s say that about four years ago I planted the seed for this one. It does take time to watch a seed grow. I had some buds and some fruit, but I find that the best fruit comes from years of cultivation. Ideas should grow like vines starting with a fragile yet simple concept. Water the vine to shallow then you won’t reap much fruit if any at all. Give your idea a good, deep watering and the roots of your dream have to push deep down in to the earth to chase the inspiration. Your inspiration is the literally the source of life for any real dream. In my case I knew that it might be years before I could return to the British Isles and many more before I could return to Ireland. Some things are worth the wait.

I started with “Waters Off Moy” and “Hyacinth’s Bouquet.” A sense of humor is important. After finishing up the Monarch of the Glen series, I came up with Glen Bogle Rose and Ghillies Catch. It was Jill’s “Charlemagne” that triggered our Renaissance series. “Charlemagne” is now the super start of Fiber Dreams “Aquitaine” shawl. AND, it was one of my customers who chose the name. Lucky girl! She gets a free pattern and a skein of yarn. She thought she was just paying us a visit for fun last week. Plant a seed….

I have reworked my Sheepwalk website to keep it simple. Some things you just have to see for yourself and in person. We sure hope you will stop by (even if you aren’t a knitter). We love a good yarn too LOL!!!


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