Name the Purple Perfection


Name the Purple Confection
Contest Ends September 15, 2013

Let Fiber Dreams Know

The Back Story: The name of the yarn is Charlemagne and we are sold out which means we will work fast to get more made. The pattern is set to release as soon as she/he has a name. We chose the name “Charlemagne” for the color purple because this was his favorite color. Purple is royal. Purple is also the highest vibration in our chakras which is where, ironically, the King wears his crown. Jill came up with this beauty last Summer and it seems to be a favorite because of it’s subtle highlights…kind of like the luster on the crown.

So give it your best shot at naming the shawl. This is a beautiful example of cables and lace. If you know the girls at Suzoo’s then you will know that Laura has hit the nail right on the head. WE ARE SO HONORED to see our yarn in such a regal pattern by Fiber Dreams. ENTER YOUR NAME AND PATTERN TITLE!!!!!

WE WILL UP THE ANTE…THE WINNER gets a 600 yard skein of “Charlemagne”!


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