From Rita with Love…

Rita is a lovely woman, perhaps in her fifties. If I were to describe her best, she is humble, sweet and kind. Her honesty is overwhelmingly refreshing. However, it is her faith that makes me a stronger woman today. The gift was the patterns and yarn. The greater gift was a renewed sense of hope and an opportunity to help a Sister clear the path so that she can get ready for the next stage of her journey. This is my specialty…helping others clear the path so that they can do what they need to do. Of course, sometimes my path gets a little bit cluttered in the process. So we held a preview sale of the patterns and yarn this weekend. Now it is time to focus on the harvest.

We earned roughly $300.00 for Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Club. My good friend Bernadette (and, I often call her a Sister), uses her talents to help severely disabled children. I have had the chance to see her working with the children and it is so inspiring. It is not always easy to see the happiness on the a child’s face, but you can feel it in your heart. You know that feeling? It’s a subtle burning that radiates outward and let’s you know that what you are feeling is unconditional love. I am grateful to Rita for helping me find a way to help Bernadette help her children. For we are all teachers and healers if we choose to be.

Below is what we focused on yesterday. We will be releasing a new colorway for our hand dyed yarn. 20% of the proceeds will go back to our children. The first is “Den lille havfrue…the little mermaid.”

We will be displaying the patterns and magazines starting Sunday, October 15th! Yarn sales will continue to help benefit severely disabled children.

All the best,



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