The Harvest at Suzoo’s

Yes, it’s that time of year…I turn 38 in a few weeks (wooohooo!), the harvest is in and my strawberries are still producing bundles of fruit, and we are making felted pumpkins. I was really excited to meet my older son’s teacher today. First day of school 🙂 I am going to get to come back to his classroom and teach the kids needle felting. Some are veterans, but I will just push them a little bit harder. Others will be exposed to something new and fun. This may be just me, but I think kids benefit from learning what makes “sheep to sweater” so exciting. First comes the wool, then comes the wheel, then comes the needles and something magical happens!

Kits available end of September (comes with free instruction from me): $7.00. Includes 1.5 ounces of colored fiber, 1 ounce of core wool, 1 needle, and instructions. Foam is sold separately. Makes two pumpkins!

My favorite things...the Harvest and my Rudolf!

My favorite things…the Harvest and my Rudolf!

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