These Vignettes are a work in progress AND are 100% copyrighted. Stealing = BAD KARMA :-)


Knitting Socks For Soldiers: 1861
From a July 1861 edition of The Charleston Mercury in the Accessible Archives Civil War Collection: Part I: A Newspaper Perspective.

“If my voice was not meant to be heard, then I shall speak louder.”

I think the most interesting people who stop to visit with me in this life are The Storytellers. I call them this because you can imagine my clan sitting around a fire and along comes a storyteller. Someone had to entertain us with their great travels and inspired experiences. How else did we know there was more out there than just another a forest?

The other day, Christine stopped by to bring me some amazing rocks from Cordova, Alaska. She also brought us some yarn to look over. The hand paint yarn was inspired by watercolors and paintings. The woman behind the art is a real genius. She has the ability to extract the colors which make the watercolor special. The girls who sell the yarn clearly know what they want from their hand dyer. The process is quite amazing. As I listened to Christine describe the process of choosing the color and getting a final product, I thought about my own experience with dying my yarn. It’s a very personal experience.

The theme of my vignettes is part soul mate and part yarn shop. Obviously the yarn shop is quite a modern product so I can’t have Ellie in Terra Haute going to the local yarn shop while her Brother is off fighting in the Civil War. The stories are in bits and pieces because I don’t just come up with stuff. I recall things and write about them. It’s that simple. Ellie would have spun her own wool, but she would have picked up some skeins from the mercantile. She would have made socks, most likely because shawls would have been a luxury. She would have ripped apart older projects to use the yarn again for a new project to save money. These are important details and one that was inspired by Irmgard who was a child of WWII Germany. She tells us when she can about how it was for her on the farm in Germany. When one child grew out of a sweater, Mama would rip it apart to knit something new for another child. Irmgard never records her stories so I am doing all I can to capture her experiences in a more permanent way.

Soul mates are everywhere. Some enter our lives quickly, drop a message off then leave without looking back. Some stay for a while bringing with them a lesson or two. If you listen to the whispers between your two souls, you will hear what really needs to be said out loud. The love mate is the most confusing of them all. He or she will enter in to our lives unexpectedly. It’s not always a happy ending, but in between the discovery and the test are the valuable lessons you can teach each other. You must accept each other unconditionally or perhaps that is your homework, learning to love and support unconditionally. Be patient if you get it and the other doesn’t. He or she will catch up with you because they don’t really want to be in the dark. Your light is too bright to resist. So find your muse and keep the light within you flickering bright so that you can attract real love in to your life! Be the flame. Be empowered. Most of all, have faith in the outcome.


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