Summer’s End Has New Beginnings



Our Labor Day party started at 6 am with a wake up call from my border collie. From there, I went to the aquatic center to paddle board, to market to buy eggs and frosting for the cupcakes and then back home to begin another dye session. The last two days have been amazing. Sometimes colors can get a little muddy, but this time Jill and I were very clear. We wanted to deconstruct and reconstruct and possibly rename.

The result of our labor is a few new color ways. My photos are not the best because 1) I am wiped out and 2) my iphone was not behaving. Many of the colors are still on the dry rack. It’s one of those “I need to see it in person” things.

By 1 pm when the party was getting started, our dye party came to an end. Jill went back to the hills. I moved out to the front of the house to be more social. This was okay because I was so exhausted (excuse the pun) and needed to just sit and knit. I figured that if I was going to knit that it better be worth talking about. My day glow hat is obnoxious even with sunglasses.Then Ellen showed up with her beading.

I just think this should end with fireworks. Brad was the man with the torch. I stood in awe as he walked through the showers of sparks. What a brave man!

IMG_3966 IMG_3967Of course there are new beginnings…new teachers for the new school year, new friends, new dye lots, new experiences…

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