SOBECA (South of Bristol….)


Tuesday night we were at the SOBECA art faire. It was completely different than I expected if I had any expectations at all. My favorite parts of the evening were when I challenged a guy to sit down and knit ( and he did ), when Ellen gave a shout out for the Backstreet Boys a la acoustic guitar and the young ones around us looked at us as if we were crazy, and an unexpected visitor showed up (and this is between Universe and me.) We were unexpectedly thrilled at the opportunity and couldn’t wait to get the next invite.

We had three kits featured: Fuzzy Lamb, Spa Wash Clothe, and Sock Ornaments. Very cool. It was the hats already on the needles that made a big hit. Yes, this makes knitting look easier, but we weren’t about to teach cables or lace. Thank you to the customers who came out to support us…I know it is a Tuesday and the parking is terrible!

Next month we will be back at the SOBECA art faire and this time we will be Knitting Sexy. Yes! You heard me people. Knitting is very sexy and I am offended that anyone who might think we are a bunch of boring old women. Clearly they haven’t been at my shop on a Sunday afternoon. We make sailors blush sometimes!

Nikki M says that when she travels that she will give wash clothes as her parting gift. This is brilliant if you ask me because they are so useful!

We still hate having our photos taken BUT we are making history even though we are now a part of it. So maybe we are gearing to make future history? Enjoy!

Can’t wait to see you at our next SOBECA event in September.

Jennifer, Jill and Ellen

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