Soccer, True Love and Knitting?

This is about four inches tall at the most. Took me one hour to make even with color work.

This is about four inches tall at the most. Took me one hour to make even with color work.

The Soccer Practice Project

This requires maximum of 75 yards of yarn. Pattern kits to be available soon. I use double points and it took me one hour to do intargia. The additional twenty minutes would get me the finished product post-mattress stitch BUT I left my darning needle on the table at the shop. This sock makes for the perfect sideline project if I wasn’t coaching the boys. Oh, and to be a smart ass, I figured out how to knit the purl row Continental style so that I could carry my yarn more efficiently…Class on knitting backwards and forwards with colorwork?

Seriously I said I wouldn’t do it. I meant it, for sure. No more coaching. I packed my referee stripes. I just wanted to sit on the sidelines and knit. I even set aside a couple of shawls. Now I find myself back on the soccer field because of a Dad who wants to coach his son, but needs a helper bee by his side. How do you teach boys to be confident warriors? Is this something a woman can do? I look at every one of my boys (yours and mine) as Knights. Turn your back on them and there is a wrestling match going on. Trust me. You look back again to see what the noise is. Maybe it’s Taran sitting on Shay. Or Logan has Noah in a head lock. It’s fascinating to watch these little Kings in the making work it all out. Puts hair on their chest! You soon forget the smell, the stupid jokes and the fart noises. You take each boy in as if he were your own and show him the same unconditional love you would want in return. After all, like attracts like. So if you want these boys to know love and to be love, then you show them love. Plus it’s not our job to teach them how to win. Our job is to teach them how to lead, be a team player and be confident. Winning is a result of their hard work.

My hope is that sometime in between leading my boys in to a fun and successful season of soccer and my quest for true love that I will be able to get some knitting done 🙂 As always there are never straight lines to anything in this life. That would be so boring!!!


My to do list:

Hats for Art Faire
Stockings for gift cards
Last minute prep for The Lab

More photos of what I have been up to coming tomorrow on this post!

Here are the projects I will sideline this week:

Celtic Man’s SweaterManly Man Scarf
Darling I Do shawl
Maiden of Honor shawl

It’s all worth it in the end!

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