Program for the Faire

The Faire is from 6:00 – 10:00 at The Lab in Costa Mesa.
Here’s our agenda:

Programme for Suzoo’s
Knit Station 6:00 – 8:30
Felting Station 8:30 – 10:00


Products to look for at our table:
Sheepwalk Hand Dyed Yarn and Fiber
Guerilla Beekeeper Balm and Whip
Chico Bags
Hipp On Ya! Hats and Market Bags
Beaded Bracelets by Ellen
Knitting Needles
Felting Needles

We will also be doing a fundraiser for Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an avenue to improve the bodies, minds and spirits of children, youth and adults with physical and or developmental disabilities, through therapeutic horseback riding lessons and other unique activities. We will have back issues of several cool knit and felt magazines. $1.00 minimum per copy or whatever your heart desires.


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