One Fine Yarn / One Fine Lady

Once upon a time….

I believe that something needs to be said here. Rita called me Sunday morning and to tell you the truth, I love surprises. I can be a bit sarcastic about this, but some of my greatest experiences are those that happen when I didn’t expect it. (note: try not to control outcomes) As she told me her story, I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. “Would you like my patterns. I am closing my shop and moving. I would like to give them to you.” In fact, I told her that she was making me cry because I could not imagine receiving such a beautiful gift. My mind is still reeling from the experience. One box had to be replaced. It was extremely beautiful to watch her move her patterns to the new box. Every pattern was like a child or delicate flower to her. I felt bad stacking her boxes in my truck. She wasn’t kidding when she told me yesterday on the phone, “Hope you have a truck.”

True love is a beautiful thing. If we are a mirror image of those around us then I couldn’t think of a finer woman to be like. So as I selfishly deal with my own healing, I realize that there must be something to letting go and loving. She reminded me why I am here and why it’s important to fulfill our destinies. Quitting Region 97 AYSO was by far the most valuable, painful break up.  There were those who couldn’t wait to see me go and a hand full of amazing men and women who saw the love I had for my region. We develop a relationship with our role and the people around us. It hurt me deeply to close that door as much as it hurt her to close her doors. YOU CAN BE DAMN SURE that I will never forget Rita and the enormous gift she has passed on to me. Gracious and kind, honest and empowered, she is an amazing woman. I wish her the best in the next phase of her destiny path.


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