Confessions! of a Creative Gal


You would think that Cupid really does have a shot gun considering the number of wedding shawls on the table to be knit. But I am with Carrie on this one. Cupid better duck ’cause I know how to use one too LOL!

Think of the unfinished projects in your stash as “creatively challenged” projects that require a little rest and rejuvenation. Or, maybe, I just had this idea that needed to be tested and well I didn’t want to ruin the existing project. One of my projects actually took offense to my behavior and ran off thus forcing me to start item #4 on the list. This is serious business. No really….it is.

1. Wedding Shawl #3: This is my uber feminine shawl. Hearts, pink beads and loads of good feelings ooze from this shawl.

2. Another wedding shawl based on Boo’s Autumn shawl. Just started the basic beading only using a 12 stitch  x 8 row count to give the beads more air.

3. Pink Maiden of Honor shawl…At least I like to see us all as maidens. I refuse to die an Old Maid. So I pepped up the shawl with pinky pinks and lots of love.

4. Just above and to the left of the pink is my black on black Dragonfly Wings by Boo. This will be finished by Saturday in time for my 20 year reunion.

5. Manly Man scarf isn’t knitting itself. Love Men! Just kind of got bored with the greys and reds.

6. Just to the right of the Manly Man scarf is my favorite Celtic Warrior sweater. Ooozing with masculinity I can almost see my warrior in loin cloth and spear in hand. Hey! If it keeps me knittin’…..

7. Purple scarf in the cool weave knit stitch.

8. Leftovers from my lovely Fibonacci Scarf. Put the leftovers back on the needles but Boo has my attention right now.

9. That cool red bandana in the waaaaaay back is awesome to knit on but only if there is some good country music on. I have to give Dierks a run for his money…5-1-5-0 somebody call the Po po…this knitting project is driving me crazy!

Up front is the green hat I started in Wall, South Dakota. That was nearly 9 months ago. The purple hat right behind it was supposed to be a gift, but it’s hardly a gift when someone nags you about it. Right behind that is the one project that made me knit English (I am a Continental knitter 🙂 ) Just to the left of that is the green and blue “I have no idea what the hell I was planning but it looks interesting from here” project. The black and grey skein was a shawl. Ripped it apart to get the beads off for another shawl. Pathetic! Could have driven to the bead shop. Nope. I see some finished hats just behind my Manly Man scarf. Oh! and the the right was the project I was looking for all afternoon yesterday. That was the original shawl for my Reunion. Whatever.


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