The Muse

All PHOTO UPDATES and notes are below! Look for the WEEKS.


“Darling I Do”

This is the third installment of my Wedding Shawl series.

Pattern Inspiration: Intrepid Spirit” from her Spirit Collection
Brown Sheep‘s Wildfoote
Needle: Hiya US 6, 7 and 8 circulars
Bead: Swallow Hill Creations “Pink”
Hook: 12/1.00 mm
Start Date: July 31, 2013
Finish Date: ????

I have a new muse. No doubt you have caught on to the fact that I have been knitting as fast as a tornado moves through a countryside. The knitting has been a journey. I have had to make some creative maneuvers in order to get the project finished. However, sometimes it’s about the product, sometimes it’s about the process and a couple of times I have been slammed with product and process overload. I am sure you could find some imperfections, but we all know that love is not perfect nor is marriage. (Generally I get caught on my stitch count, frog until I just can’t frog anymore and then the creative juices kick in creating a slightly different outcome than the designer had intended.)

For my non-knitting readers….Frog = ripping back by fearlessly removing all stitches from the needle to then rip the yarn out and put the needles back in through the loops.

My Muses

I have two muses: Boo and someone close to my heart.

Boo has managed to capture a kind of timeless and season-less romance through her patterns. Trust me. I have invested as many hours watching the BBC classics on Netflix as I have been knitting. (I love my iPad). With careful study, you will realize that Boo‘s shawls are meant to make even the hardest working woman feel like a Duchess for a day. They are simply elegant.

As for my other muse,

He is smart, funny, silly and kind. He’s a little rough on the edges, but cleans up nice. He’s a good father, devoted to the happiness and success of his children. He’s not willing to give in to his age just yet. Of course, even I can’t resist shooting on goal at the start or end of practice. He can find balance by land or by sea. He’s a little bit country, but can shine in the glow of the city just as well. He’s the type of man who opens doors for you even if you aren’t his girl. He stays in shape and if I am ever a damsel in distress, he is able to rescue me without too much complaint of back or knee pain afterwards. He’s the type of man you want on your sidelines. He’s a knight in shining armor but still very much a simple man with simple needs. He values an empowered woman, which makes him my hero. He honors me and for this I give him my trust and loyalty. Most important, he represents real love. His faith in new beginnings is inspiring. His honesty about his fears makes me want to bring him closer to me. I truly love him.

Of course, he has learned not to ask me a complex question when I am in the middle of a lace row 🙂

Week 1

I have made it to the 169 stitches, but not without knitting and tinking. I am currently catching up to the 169 so that I can get started on Boo’s pattern. The trouble is that when I made the hearts, I should have done them 12 stitches wide because the pattern is 12 stitches wide per repeat. However, I think there is something important about the hearts looking more like a paper chain. This makes for a slightly more feminine look. Last night I spent an hour putting a row of beads on and I ripped all that out this morning (Friday).

the row of beads before I FROGGED!!!!!

the row of beads before I FROGGED!!!!!

Then I tried to improvise. Nope. Not going to work. I have this funny theory that I can make it work. Just be in the moment. BE IN THE MOMENT. It can work. So I am going to have stockinette with random bead placement as my in-between layer before I get in to the knitty gritty of Boo’s lace.


So I have started in to the first layers of Boo’s lace work. Unfortunately I got side tracked with a “maiden of honor” shawelette that will be soooo cool when it is done. Anyway, what I love about Boo is that she lets you know when and where to bead. She even differentiates on dropping the bead on before you knit or after. Yes, there is a difference. I will talk about this in my beading class. The photo below shows the shawl without the bead row.

Phase two of the shawl.

Phase two of the shawl.

Note: I will get to the next stage of knitting this week for sure.

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