Out of Africa

This is amazing to see. We were just talking about quilting today at the shop.

Buzy Day

I finished the baby quilt I started hand quilting 2 weeks ago, just in time, baby is due on Wednesday!
This one is a little boy.

This room theme is “Out of Africa” and I managed to find the perfect panel for a quilt and receiving blanket with African animal prints on.

I add a border on to the panel to make it a little bigger and hand quilted it with big stitches using a nr 5 quilting needle and Valdani, nr 12 perle cotton thread.

I also purchased a container of 72 x 9m of perle coloured thread from the House of Embroidery and used it to make a personalised label for the back of the quilt. For someone who doesn’t enjoy embroidery I think it come out pretty well.
I have been crocheting many borders on to receiving blankets and I found they make quick and easy personalised…

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