An Empowered Designer

Okay, so I am going to stray from my usual writings to give a word of encouragement to my readers. Every day I am told by a knitter, new to advanced, that they “can’t do that.” Stop! You can cable. Just sit down in a quiet moment and allow yourself to play with holding the stitches in front and then in back. Experiment with the movement by skipping 1, 2 or 3 stitches per cable twist. Allow yourself to let go of what you think your product should look like and BE A PART OF THE PROCESS.

The sweater you see below is based on a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, the Men’s V-Neck vest. I used Diane’s gauge to get my balance of things. Then I calculated in how many cable repeats I could knit in order to maintain an XL (that’s pure Shetland from Scotland). The cables are beautiful because they are flattering on ALL shapes and sizes. Just don’t knit for Alaska when you live in Newport Beach!

Farmers Sweater, Jamieson's Yarn

Farmers Sweater, Jamieson’s Yarn

This sweater would not have happened if I said…”I can’t do that.” Instead I sat down with my notepad and said, “what would happen if I did that instead?” I know how to pick up stitches on the sleeves. I know how to write down how many stitches I picked up so that I can do the same on the other side.

The fundamentals are within us all. However, sometimes our designer within needs a little help. So I offer myself up to you if you are up to the challenge. Knit a shawl and add hearts. Knit a cable sweater your way. Most important, EVERY TIME you tell me you “can’t” I will annoy the heck out of you with a “You wanna bet?”

With that said, we offer classes of empowerment also known as Knit Boot Camp starting in August.

Fix-A-Stitch Boot Camp: You go ahead and drop that stitch. Drop and do 20. Cause we are going to be the masters of our knitting universe by not letting a little ol’ dropped stitched ruin our day. Using the tool-du-jour, we are going to make that stitch stand up and take notice. Your homework is to knit three swatches. The prize is a really cool pattern that will require you to intentionally drop your stitches for the sake of the product. Boy! That process knows how to sneak up on ya!

Beading Diva: Turn any beautiful garment in to a sparkly, beautiful garment with a few beading tricks. BUT, anyone can drop a bead on a stitch. I show you how to look at patterns different so that when you are “in the moment” then you can make that bead go where you want it to go. It’s about understanding your pattern repeats, planning forward and also facing your greatest fear….chart reading.

Improvisation, Baby!: Being a knit rebel is what makes you feel … sexy? I know I get a tingly feeling when someone gets upset with me for NOT following the pattern. There are a lot of “what ifs” in this world. If you don’t answer some of them then you might just get stuck on the same scarf making path for the rest of your life. What if I added a cable down the sleeve? What if I added basic shaping to flatter my figure? What if I used fingering instead of worsted? That’s a lot of what ifs that need to be answered! Join us as we take your project from “looking pretty good” to “wow! I hope I wrote down what I did.”

Be an Empowered Designer!


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