“September Hope”

July 19 – Journal Entry

Blocked…Will post the fancy beach photos Sunday.

sweetdreamsback sweetdreamsfront


July 17 – Journal Entry

Well, this has been one of my greatest challenges. I have frogged . I have tinked. Then I threw my arms in the air. A few clumps of hair were tugged from my head. Hopefully they were mostly grey. Hey! Just trying to keep the beauty costs down.

In the end I had to be creative. After all the work, I just couldn’t get my stitch count right. My patterns would not line. So I … improvised. It was Jill who pointed out that I was knitting yet another shawl with leaves. So ultimately I would love to have little rosettes on this shawl, but I see something silk.

The shawl has not yet been blocked. Stay tuned.

July 15 – Journal Entry

Countless women have come in to my shop with stories of happily ever afters or dreams of one for themselves. I shouldn’t exclude my men. There are some amazing men who pass through my shop with the same open heart. I started my romance series of shawls with a twist on the Saroyan “January Wedding.” The shawl was named after a song I heard by the Avett brothers…”So in January, we’re getting married…” January is not the warmest month of the year so I chose Wildfoot sock yarn to give our bride a little extra warmth.

“September Hope” is the second installment. Summer flings are temporary but I believe the real harvest happens in September. If you sewed your seeds early enough in Spring and kept a watchful eye over your dream then it’s possible during the harvest season that someone special will appear. I suppose you could say that for any dream, really. Once you know what you want then you need to tend to that dream carefully. Don’t over feed or be too casual either. Dreams require some effort.

I knit “September Hope” in the same Brown Sheep Wildfoote yarn because there is something so sturdy and earthy about this yarn. It’s not slick. It’s not shiny. It’s a perfect wool with some nylon for the “give and take” of your life’s project. The shawl should be complete by the end of this week.


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