Brown Sheep’s Lana Boucle

Brown Sheep Yarn Company is at the base of a foothill in Mitchell, Nebraska. They are part of a deep American history, the movement west. Most of us would stop at Scotts Bluff and say, “really?…Here?” But then once you experience a sunset or two, the rustic old West gets under your skin. There is plenty of land to grow veggies and rustle some cows. Your Ram 2500 replaces the Land Rover. The terrain is a little rough, but that’s because you are stuck in the middle of a wind swept plain. In winter you can see the ferocity of the wind as it pushes the iced dust around. The only thing that leaves you confused is that there aren’t any sheep!

Still, Peggy and company have managed to put together just about the finest yarn company in America. Haven’t met all the employees, but they are still family to me. This year, my extended family out-did themselves with a boutique yarn called Lana Boucle. Picky knitters will argue it’s not soft enough. I can’t imagine a finer knitting experience than with the smooth merino blend. Even the thin ply that creates the “boucle” effect is wool. I can get the full experience from sheep to sweater in my big ol’ brain as I am knitting up a sample. Doreen was bugging me yesterday to get started. We couldn’t pick just one color.


100% Wool, 180 yards / 100 gram hank, US 8 knitting needle = 4.25 stitches to the inch. Delicate wash as usual but we have plenty of Eucalan at the shop!


Photo shows antique silver, winter sky and cayenne pepper. Needles are Knitter’s Pride, US9 10″ Straights.

See the colors we are carrying for Fall below!

Made in America!

All the best,


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