Love’s labor is never lost…at least not on me!


I love my shop!

It is a quirky, retro, country, industrial, yarn barn. Trust me! We are heading towards our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! The best way to celebrate is to remind our customers that they are also a reason for our success. (It’s not just about the hours of slave labor on the computer fixing inventory or updating Facebook© LOL)

Suzoo's Wool Works

This shop was not meant to be a yarn shop. The original craft was rug hooking. The women would gather around the tables cutting the wool. Yarn tends to multiply like bunny rabbits. So once the yarn infiltrated the rug wool, there was no stopping ’em. The more seasoned knitters stuck around to help with the newbies like me. I had the good misfortune of being knitting book dyslexic. Instead of knitting English, I learned to knit American style Continental. What that means to you is that I throw my yarn with my left  hand and bring the  yarn forward on the purl. What that means to someone who has no idea what I just said it…come on in and I will show you what I mean.

On the to do list, we will be adding some video snippets, new colors for our hand dyed yarn and fiber and, of course, new classes! Unfortunately I am not allowed to have Guinness on tap. I would knit my keg a cozy!!!

We now offer repairs on spinning wheels as well. I leave the looms to friends of mine. Hoping to have the 6-harnass loom set up soon!!!

Enough said. Keep it simple.

All the best,



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