Irish Rose on the Trellis (Trel-lace :-)

How Venus Fell in Love in The Garden

So I have been working with Swallow Hill Creations. It’s important to test knit before we bead because the beads can rip rayon or yarn. I was inspired by the Iron Maiden shawl with it’s trellis work. This flows well with my Saroyan with lattice stitch work. Anything that suggests the garden or romantic settings in the garden always keep me inspired.

The Irish Rose has become a fascination for me since I took up crochet again. We can thank Paula for planting that seed. I am still just making flowers but I felt we could take it to lace.
Here’s the test knit in the works. Notice that I have taken the trellis pattern in a new direction because flowers don’t grow straight. There are no straight lines in life, right?


“Venus” hand dyed by Jill for Sheepwalk Yarn & Fiber


This makes up for Demeter who was scrapped due to lack of note taking. Plus it wasn’t my hand dyed yarn. Snob!

Until the next time,



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