Meet the Dyers

I was bugging Jill yesterday about putting her photo on-line. It’s time to put a face on the women behind The Sheepwalk. The Sheepwalk was a baby of mine in 2007. I knew that I wanted to own a yarn shop, but I didn’t know about the hand dyed yarn or fiber. I was just a knitter and sometimes a crocheter.

Both of us have an extensive background in creative design: photography, cooking, gardening, crafts and more. Basically we are the hands on type of gals who love to see the outcomes of our labor.


Jennifer is the owner of Suzoo’s and the one writing this article so I will be humble here. Let’s just say that I am the one who draws outside the lines and it would be nice if I could just write down one thing I did. No seriously, I do take some of the photos. My specialty is rewinding skeins of yarn, finding weird names and making sure the website gets updated.



Jill is the high fashion photographer, knitter of many a garment at my shop, pattern finder extraordinaire, mixologist and note taker. Jill is the mastermind behind the Renaissance, Granny’s Copper Kettle Pot, and some of our Romance colors. She’s definitely the master of red.


We look forward to continuing on with The Sheepwalk. Time to see a crawling baby stand up and walk on her own!

All the best!

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