Inspiration Finds Me….

Research Party

So I did some “research” on Saturday afternoon. After 9 months of devoting myself to soccer and a lot of adorable boys, it was time for me. The boys were doing something new. They were complaining that they were bored. We jumped in my truck and headed out for some quick errands. Yarn shop…check! Surf shop for Zinca…check! Then at the last minute I was going to just go home. The truck wouldn’t have it. I was born to travel by road. Love, love, love to see new things. The truck survived the traffic in CDM and then made a quick right in to the Crystal Cove parking lot. Tide was low. The boys were inspired and I suddenly found the energy to get to the water.

The boys kept their shoes on. I needed to recharge so I gladly stepped in to the water. The waves were not too bad and my fear of being sucked out to sea was at an all time low. Then I walked three feet towards my not-so-comfort zone. That’s when 6 waves back to back crashed and I found myself thigh deep in a ferocious tide. My only thought was of the two handsome warriors watching their mother try to meditate her way through the experience. Once the waves pulled back giving me some visibility, I high-tailed it out of there to safer rocks. This is what I found…


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