Medieval something or other

My head has been spinning with color and undyed yarn….literally. Then Peter surprised Suzoo’s with a gift of all gifts. He brought us a 5 yard skein winder that appears to be a medieval torture device. After a few spins with this baby, I realized that ombre yarn is the torturer. His winder saved us yesterday. Actually his winder saved the yarn from a quick, scissor-related death.

A 5 yard skein will change how we do long color changes. Ombre is cute but just a fad. Most of us will buy two to three skeins of yarn to get that effect. However, ombre is still essential in our collection because we chose colors you might not have picked off the shelf. Long color changes mean that you have some depth and transition but every five yards as oppposed to every 12 inches. It makes a difference. I will go old school on these 5 yards skeins for sure because the Waters of Stromness and Sea glass must be revisited!




Posted by Jennifer


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