Oh, the places you’ll go…

And we have fun wherever we go!

We looked shocked as we stood at the bottom of the paved path down to the beach at El Moro. I looked up at the people looking down at us. Jill was sure people thought we were nuts. I just kept looking at the foamy water thinking about the shape of the path. I also remembered the smell of the water that didn’t drain. Apparently when the tide is high, the water floods the tunnel. So this answers Jill’s question: “How high does the tide go?”

The best path was to the right. I felt a bit like Richard in his bijou apartment on the country estate. Hyacinth’s voice was chirping in my head, “Richard! Why do you stand like that?” Because Mrs. Bucket, the bucket in my hands was far more important than my neck pain. Then Jill threw out, “I don’t think these flip flops are water proof.” Still we flip flopped on through the water just to make sure we stayed on task.

I must emphasize before we go on here that NO YARN WAS HARMED during this photo shoot. The humans are little bit tired from three days of dying but the yarn will make it to the shop!


Jill brought the paddle and camera. I brought a strong right arm and my sense of humor as the water went up my shorts. We soon learned that juggling yarn in the wind while waves were crashing was not an easy task. However, the yarn showed it’s best side for us. A couple of free thinkers decided to get their lovely colored locks a little wet.

High Fashion Super Model Yarn

High Fashion Super Model Yarn


Santa Catalina Island

For this season, we threw in Catalina Island and the festive Catalina tile. My favorite is Rosy’s Fish Market at the famous green pier. The Garibaldi make their debut (regardless of my feelings towards yellow) and Jill’s epiphany led to short color changes, medium color changes and then ombre. I figure I must have loved my customers a whole lot to spend the countless hours pretending to have fun untangling the yarn just to make sure the color changes were correct. Yes, ma’am, nothing but unconditional love.

Rosy's Fish Shack on the Pier

Rosy’s Fish Shack on the Pier

Look for the full line-up at our website http://www.thesheepwalk.com…coming soon.

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