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We are experiencing a renaissance here at Suzoo’s. Three years ago, I began meditating over a few skeins of yarn. This multiplied in to a few dozen skeins. Then, my Scottish Sister, Jill came in to my shop and had the audacity to like my yarn. Once there was a fan base, there was a need for more yarn. I found out that there was a small group of knitters, men and women who were actually paying attention to what I was doing.

Then Jill brought her expertise to the work table. Jill is awesome with numbers, recording down color combinations but also mixing. So I shall crown her as our master mixologist. I am more like Pollock meets Picasso when it comes to hand dyes. Sometimes I just feel like doodling and other times I can get more serious and play with undertones and over tones.

This season we have turned our attention to the Renaissance. However, my love for Scotland and Ireland means we will also have additions to our Geology section. I will also be adding one more category: The Traveler. We were truly inspired by everyone’s reaction to Granny’s Copper Kettle Pot and Working Man’s Blues.

Then along came a Renaissance woman. No seriously. Joyce is a member of a true Renaissance guild and that’s when we realized that the colors were drawn to were purely renaissance. Jill was the mastermind behind Byzantine, Tyrian, Copper Kettle Pot, My Green Heart and more.

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