Patrick Larkin Regan Sweater

The name of the sweater is “Patrick Larkin Regan.” Larkin Regan is the first on my Grandfather’s side to come from Ireland to America in the 1600’s. Patrick means “nobleman” and Regan means “king.” Indeed, Larkin wanted to be King of his own castle! Larkin \l(a)-rkin, lar-kin\ as a boy’s name is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Larkin is “rough, fierce”. What a brave soul to come to a strange new land with little prospect but plenty of hope and fire in his heart!

Day 10 started!

At the sleeves now…

photo 1 photo 2


Day 7 finished!

Goal for Day 8 is to get to start of sleeves. Can never knit simply. Add some rock and roll cables down the shoulder. Might add a warrior band on one arm just to “tattoo” the sweater. Would do this in purl/knit motif.


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