Crocheting Inspiration

Let’s draw! With our crochet hooks!

I was out gardening this afternoon. Bob, our adorable squirrel loves to eat my strawberries. He has the advantage of knowing the minute they ripen perfectly. I will return to my garden and try to figure out which one he took this time. At least this year, he left my pumpkin seeds alone. I learned last year that pesky…I mean adorable squirrels hate the vines. So I let my pumpkins grown wild and free.

Anyway, we had a visit from a new customer today. Her name is Cheryl. She worried that nobody like crochet anymore. Fortunately for her, we are converts. We love to knit, crochet, felt, spin, dye and more. So I set Paula on a new task but also went to Ravelry to find out what the hipsters are doing these days.

Note: I decided to make a play on gardening. See if you get what I am thinking on this one. All the patterns you see can be downloaded on Ravelry, some through our shop.

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