“January Wedding” Shawl

Before you get all excited and send me emails….”and when is the date?” just know that I named it that because I wanted to make a shawl in white with rosettes and leaves on it. I downloaded the sweetest song by the Avett Brothers, “January Wedding.” I listen to this song at least once a day when I am updating my diary or working on soccer game plans. He loves the girl because she keeps things simple (even though you know we are complicated creatures!)

Two, I wanted to knit with something from Brown Sheep. I tried the Louet Fingering in white but the texture was wrong. Then it dawned on me. If I were knitting back in the old days, I would have not been using some fancy foreign-made yarn. I would have either bought something from the coop or sheared the damn sheep myself. I kind of think it was the latter because I haven’t had a manicure in years due to constant gardening, so-to-speak. Being a constant gardener simply means that I do so much hands on work that there is no sense in paying to fix what I am most likely to ruin 20 minutes later.

So let’s get back to the subject at hand. This shawl will be my last of the Saroyan Off the Charts creations. I love the Saroyan. Probably not my last, but the amount of work involved in this project has pushed me to do a color block shawl and work on a different sample for my Mini Raggi yarn. What makes this shawl special is the simplicity of the complex looking design. This version requires patience. I imagine myself sitting by the fire knitting and ripping so that I can reknit until my man comes home from the Civil War. Since I was a girl, I have had a fascination with the Civil War and the years that followed. Must be those big swooping skirts and funny hats we wore then. Or, maybe it’s that simpler way of life that draws me in. Either way, I figure that when HE does come home, the shawl will be finished. Let’s get real. Times were tough. I wouldn’t have the luxury of keeping “a stash” in my hobby room. Just having time to sit and knit would have been a luxury too. Especially with the husbands, fathers, fiances and brothers gone. We women would have been constant farmers and gardeners. Anyway, enjoy the first side!


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