Day 6 & 7: The Road Home

Oh! boy was I frustrated on Sunday when the car fell apart. I never thought to aim my car in to the hotel nor did I anticipate needing additives for the fuel. It’s amazing how spoiled we are with our great So Cal weather, but also with our AWD cars. I always had a Subaru until I married. Then I switched to VW and then bought the pick up. Really, I was going to be a farmer in Texas. The intent was there but it was difficult starting a new kind of life as a single mom. So I packed up my ego and moved back home to get help from my family. Then I took on Suzoo’s. First, Suzoo’s owned me. Now with Sheepwalk Hand Dyes developing out in a positive direction, I feel that Suzoo’s belongs to me. You really have to own your dreams, right?

The reason I didn’t post last night at Fort Collins was because the hotel was skanky. Non-smoking meant tar drenched walls with zero possiblity of ventilation. Hey! We were tired. We were towed from Wall to Rapid City, SD. Then we were back on the road at 11:30 yesterday and my truck only stopped for bathroom needs and fuel. I am getting 800 for a 34 gallon tank. I love being so efficient. Anyway, it was Brown Sheep or Brown Sheep. Not using that other word because that’s what happened on Sunday. That word is now a dirty travel word.

We made it. 3:30 we hit Brown Sheep. Out of respect for Peggy, I didn’t photograph the interior. My son was in charge of a group photo and we are all headless so no point in playing the guessing game: which pair belongs to which girl 🙂

Peggy gave me a full tour of the warehouse from fiber to packaging. Let’s just say that I was already inspired at the front door. This is truly a family-run business that isn’t much bigger than the F block at the Mesa Business Center. They also have special hand dyed yarn that you can only buy at their little store. Naturally I was stoked to see that they are big fans of Knitting Pure and Simple. We like to keep things simple too until we get bored and take things off the charts!! Anyway, I brought home some hand dyed yarn, 10 pounds of Lamb’s Pride to dye and 5 pounds of wool to dye and possibly spin.

Then we drove the most beautiful back roads back down to Cheyenne, WY then 25 south to Fort Collins. No comment. Won’t make that stop again. Glad my truck started this morning.

So from Fort Collins, we made it all the way to Grant, NM. Gallup was just too far. Our water bottles were still frozen from this morning. I was craving steak after the drive through Albuquerque. I kid you not! Every restaurant either said “Texas Steak House” or “Best Steak” or “BBQ and Steak.” Ended up at the Denny’s next to our hotel so I skipped the steak ’cause I knew it would be a let down. Introduced Sam to Buffalo wings. Much lighter on the stomach believe it or not.

Tomorrow we are going straight home. No more hotels. Will need one more gas stop but that’s it. 11 hours. I am not going to waste money on a hotel 4 hours from home. It’s just stupid. So no more posts until I can unload the good stuff from Brown Sheep.

Oh yeah, the 50,000+ yards of fingering arrived and we will be getting ready to dye yarn as soon as I have had a good nights sleep. Our repeats for Season 3: Grandma’s Tarnished Copper Kettle Pot, Granny’s Bush Beans, Penelope and Waters off Stromness.

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