Mt. Rushmore or Bust!

We did it! 1400 miles later we made it to Mt. Rushmore. I have to tell you that the highlight for me was the snowball fight after. Then we pushed further east to Rapid City. Now, if I should move, I will move to Rapid City. This little big city is jam packed with good vibes. However, my heart told me to keep pushing east to Wall. So just as the sun set, we landed at Wall Drug. I just knew the motels were cheaper and the people would be ready for us.

The beautiful part about long drives through endless rolling hills is that I could feel my story writing itself. A farm girl born before the Civil War on a farm just outside Rapid City… “Poppa married himself an educated woman with a strong spirit. She always said she didn’t know where I came from, but she knew we had to be related because she just knew and some day she would explain to me how she knew. She traded in a comfortable life in the city for a rugged farm life. When Poppa took one look at her, she gave him a glance back. Not enough to show an interest. Just a flash of her blue eyes sent a lightning bolt through his body. Momma described their first meeting like being lassoed. She tried to show some decorum but this man was clearly set on making her his wife. She wasn’t going to just be dragged off to some Godforsaken land. Then a year later, nuptials complete, my brother was born. And a few years after that I was born. Then there were some in between but they didn’t live long. Then my little Sister was born and I was wondering if maybe this was punishment. I was the apple of Poppa’s eye until Anna….” to be continued. (© all material is copyrighted and you have to hold yourself responsible for stealing material.)

Enjoy the photos. I still haven’t seen any yarn or wool, but that’s next.

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