Day 3: On The Trail

So I was absolutely stoked to find out that we are staying on the Oregon Trail! The pieces to the puzzle are starting to fall in to place. Let me back track though.

6 am – Fire alarm goes off at our luxury hotel in Dillon. Thankfully, the goblins in my brain have gone away. It’s amazing how much sleep is lost mindf#@!ing every detail of the days. As the alarm is going off, the Prince is covering his head asking me to turn off the alarm. His older brother was helping me gather the valuables. Then I had this funny thought. My kids are the valuables and let’s grab the bag with the hats and gloves. We went downstairs to join the others only to be told that we had to stand outside in 9 degree weather. Thankfully, the Queen (that would be me) had her keys. It was a great opportunity to find out if the car would start.

7 am – I decided that I should fix the chains and get the hell out of Dillon. I am very hyperactive and my boys are laid back most of the time. Unfortunately, we drove all of 400 feet and one chain popped off. The other was on its way. The guy at the store last night did me a great favor. He got us to a hotel safely. Now another Knight appeared and told me to drive on one chain and get sand bags. At the Tru Value, we loaded 120 pounds of sand in the back. Then the guy there was so nice. He removed the chain.

The same thought kept recurring with me all day. I don’t mind being a strong, pioneering woman. However, this trip was teaching me that it would be nice to have a big, strappin’ man to help with those chains and explain to me why we don’t park on icy patches of snow when we know we get stuck every time. My logic is that I can shear a sheep, spin the yarn and make the sweater he wears to stay warm. The least he can do is fix the chains on my tires and make sure the fluid for washing windows is for up to -20 degree weather!!!! Yes, I am still a bit annoyed by this.

The most eventful part of the day was our stop at the Cracker Barrel in Loveland, Colorado. After a sturdy brunch, we headed north to Wyoming. I was totally blown away by how boring the drive was. Being a farm girl at heart, I guess things would be different if I could get off the highway. I couldn’t. It was “Nebraska or Bust!”

Part of this journey is watching the landscape shift and reshape itself. Your eyes are never board wandering the landscape. Just as you think you have seen more than enough piles of snow covered dirt, then a random rock pile would appear. I just tell the boys…”Imagine yourself as a fish, swimming among these stones and rock.” I swear their brains are being sucked out by their DS doodads. Although I know Sam is paying attention because he has managed to memorize most of my playlist on the iPod and he can describe what he didn’t look up to see. It’s very weird. And impressive.

The highlight of our long drive to Scottsbluff was finding out that we were on the Oregon Trail! So my idea to incorporate early Americana in to our adventure paid off. There is a strong German influence too. LUSTIG!!! Now the irony is that we passed six Mexican restaurants. Ich habe eins nahe ihr Motel gefunden und wir haben ein burrito essen (bablefish me – I could have this right). Tonight we ate some pretty great frijoles!

So tomorrow we will go north to Custers last stand, Mt. Rushmore, a yarn shop in Rapid City and Wall, SD. Then back to Scottsbluff on Sunday so that we can tour Brown Sheep!!! This place is old school. Nothing will be open on Sunday so it’s best to find a place we know.

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