On the road…

I will take pen to paper tonight because this is going to be an amazing journey. For some reason, I thought going to Ireland would be the great spiritual journey. As a fiber enthusiast, you can imagine how many bags full I would have had. Yet, every time the window opens, a door closes to Ireland. Instead I find myself on the way to South Dakota to visit with a kindred spirit, or soul mate, if you will. Sounds corny, I know. Those of you who know me have figured out now that I am spiritual.

It wasn’t a real surprise that we stopped at Cedar Springs. My older son picked the spot. Cedar Springs, Utah, was a stopping point for the stage coaches too. We opted to park our stage coach at the Motel 6 where kids sleep free.

Today was an impressive haul. We started out from Costa Mesa at 7 am and hit St. George by 1:30. I was not going to stop. What for? Loads of hotels and traffic. Not my style. The journey up the through the numerous passes was amazing. We had ZERO visibility at the Cajon. As soon as we hit Apple Valley, the rain stopped. Then around Vegas the sun came out. This was about the only time I needed sunglasses. Ironically as soon as I hit any kind of traffic, I got really annoyed. “Get me to open country!” I cried.

Right now I am getting 800 miles to a tank. Maybe we will finally know what Mumford is saying in “I will wait” by the time we get to the Black Hills. Right now, my older son and I are just humming along until we hit the chorus.

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