$20 in my pocket….


“I’m gonna fill my fuel tank, I got $20 in my pocket…”

I just bought my chains. According to Jill, there’s no getting through the pass without them. We are dead set on crossing borders and getting to Nebraska. I have a hot date with Brown Sheep Yarns in Mitchell. There won’t be many sheep. I will take photos just to be sure. Of course, we will be driving through Colorado, Wyoming, a little stop in South Dakota.

I plan to do some thrifty shopping if that matters. We will be stopping at Tutto Santa Fe to meet David and Greg, the masters of design. These men have redefined traditional knitting in our very modern world.

Rapid City boasts of having at least one fiber and yarn shop. Might even get some beads to feed the soul. 2013 year it is about sparkle and EMERALD GREEN!!!!!! The Irish blood in me is doing a jig as we speak. I can rock the emerald green any day of the week. So be on the lookout for a series of hand dyeds with funny country garden names. Being a harvester of fine tomatoes, I am sure we can add some green beans and chili to the list!

Cable me some fun as well! Jill has been on the hunt for great cabled patterns that we can take off the charts. You know what I mean: Beads, twists, two colors at once ( a little intargia infused in to the mix of the twists!). Ho! Hey! Knitting belongs to everyone….

Then, I have been wanting to make that Sweet Home Alabama shawl for nearly two years. This year is the year. Turquoise and a little Granny’s Tarnished Copper Kettle Pot will do. Stay tuned ’cause this year is about finishing what we start.



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