The Full Moon, The Raccoon and Other Yarn Shop Tales

So at 11 pm last night my dog Uncle Lego started barking. I heard this loud thunk and a lot of movement near my room. I awoke from my short winter’s nap to rush and see what was the matter. My mom reassured me…”It’s a raccoon.” The dog stopped barking. We went back to bed.

One hour later, the little bandit showed up again and this time he perched himself on the fence just outside the kitchen window. My Mom freaked out. “They are vicious! They bite!”

“I know, Mom. Just grab Uncle Lego and put him the dining room.” I flashed the light outside and that dangerous, vicious baby raccoon laid down on his belly, dangling one leg down and tucking his front paw under his chin. His eyes opened wide with big puppy love. Then it occurred to me that the dog dish was right outside the door. That sad little bandit was hoping I would just fill it up and push the dish a bit closer to him. Personally, if he didn’t have rabies and teething issues, I would scoop him up and give him a scratch behind the ears. Meanwhile, he’s probably eaten all my broccoli and tomatoes in the back yard.

So then it occurred to me that I can’t sleep. Knitting is out. I formed a new addiction…it’s healthy…Saroyan: Cables and Lace. The pattern is charted out and can be written out as well to match the basic Saroyan pattern. I’m on a mission here. I want to empower my knitters to go beyond the basics so that they can write their own stories with yarn and needle.

We have working samples of our Saroyan: Off the Charts at the shop. This pattern is brilliant.


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