Mon Tricot Knitting Encyclopedia

The story behind this book for our shop is not a sweet one. Unfortunately a customer had her truck broken in to and the mean people stole all of her knitting, an afghan and several other items including the car manual. Kind of odd. When she called me, she seemed pulled together. You could hear in her voice a sadness, though, because there were memories lost in that moment. Some she can’t remember but will eventually get back. The most important thing is safety. However, she asked if I would help her get a book she dearly loved.

Mon Tricot Knitting Encyclopedia: 1500 Stitches. I followed her leads and will be bringing this book in to my shop. This book is out of print, but has everything in there you could possibly need as a knitter and designer.

The books will be in our shop in the next two to three weeks. Our retail is $18.95.


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