Hey Batik! Batik!…


There is a lesson in everything we do. I used my “High Priestess” to help tell the story that Kitman Figueroa wrote. Here’s the unblocked version. I feel as empowered as the name of my yarn suggests. This shawl was knit in roughly 4 weeks? Jill knows the true answer. However, if you throw together my hours, it was a collective week. We tackled yarn over’s, the purpose of stitch markers, how to knit bottom up on a shawl and have it look like a top down, and how to squeeze every last inch of yarn out to make sure I have enough of one dye lot. I was sure the fingerless mittens were going to be sacrificed. However, I knit the small shawl. The medium would have been a nightmare. Can’t imagine mixing Sutra with High Priestess. Could have been an explosive situation!!!

SO I will go home and block this beautiful shawlette. Right now it is roughly 1 meter wide. Final measurements to be posted soon.

Written around 9 am, 9/17/12…..

I’m almost finished!!!!! So the yarn over’s at the end of the pattern repeats were still getting to me. As you plow through page 7, slow down. Why? Because Page 8 will be so exciting! You can remove stitch markers and just work across each side. What I did instead was highlight the cables section on both sides. You have to break up the text. The charts are fantastic. Love to read charts, but I found that with customers coming in that I could easily set down my project and come back to it later by using the text instead. It’s entirely possible to memorize the pattern repeats, but every row is a little different from the last. You should never get too comfortable with this pattern. Never, ever.

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