A Drop of Music

A Drop of Music by Patrick Latter

I have altered this because I want you to go to:

While trying to figure out how to remove myself from “notify me when someone responds” I saw this photo on Patrick’s site. Already purchased his owl photograph. Will have it in the shop soon. Patrick is clearly brilliant. I think what sets Patrick apart from other photographers is his constant experimentation with angles, light, speed and content. He’s not limited to nature or to people. His eye manages to catch an angle of the world that many of us can’t see. For this we are blessed because we may not have known just how beautiful a drop of water could be.

For those of you who haven’t spent time with me, my first degree is in Art History, mainly ancient civilizations with a minor in Greek. I have never been one for modern art mainly because the artists intentions get lost on me. It feels that many artists try to create a story when the story should just flow from them. It’s pushy and less intuitive. You won’t find that with Patrick’s photography. It’s raw. It’s in the moment. The ancients were like this. They began to express themselves from a very basic level. There had to be a way to tell their story and, yet, I wonder if they actually thought about “hey, what kind of legacy can I leave my kids.” Next day, Urg goes out and gets eaten by a bear. Thankfully he painted that last great hunt in the cave so Urg Jr. would have something to remember. It’s not contrived. It’s not pushy. It’s not about trying to impress the world.
So in conclusion, because I do have to work on other things today 😉 , we need to appreciate our artists like Patrick.



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