Writing As You Speak

I have encountered some amazing people. Most of this can be attributed to the fact that I never stand still. In the last 36 (soon to be 37) years, I have lived in California, had a short stay in Alaska, college in Vermont then Massahusetts and then down to New Orleans. From New Orleans, I journeyed back Northeast to Rhode Island and commuted to Boston for work. Lived in Vienna and Oberwart Austria. I have experienced many of the countries surrounding and spent some time in Greece. My true love is Scotland. Lived in Texas and now I am back in California. There has to be a book in all those travels. There is.

I feel that the characters who enter my yarn shop are far more fascinating. We are a collective of ideas, dreams, and destinations. It’s fun to sit back and listen to others talk about their experiences. A writer could easily weave a few tales around ye auld knit shoppe. I get to live vicariously through these amazing artisans. It’s not that I can’t go to all those places. Sometimes it’s more convenient to just imagine I am there.

So I guess I want to share this link with you because, similar to my experience with Patrick Latter’s blog, I feel that that Cristian Mihai might be able to inspire you. Knitter’s tell their stories in different ways. I am just wondering if there is an author among us???? I write with my yarn. Penelope is the best example. Now I feel like I am able to tell another store with Batik. It’s a nice mix of cables and lace. Kind of expresses my Scottish/Irish heritage. So I challenge my follower’s to find their stories!


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