HEY! Batik, Batik!



Just finishing up first section. This is a work of art. Have BBC in the background to create the ambience for my cabled / lace shawl. LOVE IT! — Jennifer
[Quote from Ravelry] ”

Batik shawl is knitted from bottom up and it comes in 3 sizes; small, medium and large. This shawl requires basic lace knitting and cable stitch making skill. Cable stitch is not hard at all especially if you manage to master the needle-less cable method.

I really like the sea shell edge details of Batik very much
and I kindly advice on gently stretching out the shawl in
the blocking session therefore the lace pattern won’t lose its uniqueness.

Making cable stitch is therapeutic to me and I just wish
everyone would enjoy making this shawl as much as I do.

Finished Size: Small shawl 20” deep 44” wide
Medium shawl 24” deep 52” wide
Large shawl 29” deep 61” wide

Red shawl shown in picture is a large, made in
colorway Wollmeise Sanguinello. Green shawl shown
in picture is a small, made in colorway Hermosa Lambeau

This shawl was test knitted by 2 knitters using DK weight yarn. Please check with the yardage used on the project pages if you wish to knit with thicker yarn.”

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