Wool makes you batty?

Going Batty Over Wool?

Not your cup ‘o tea. It’s ours at Suzoo’s. I have customers with amazing contacts for getting amazing wool, but now we have our own contact. We now have a huge batch of felting wool that actually gives you an awesome rustic spin as well. I know this because I spun it up in five minutes this lovely AM to make sure there was enough to knit a basic swatch. Yes, yes. It’s in the shop.

The wool is actually quite silky. It’s a nice blend of Lincoln, Romney? and maybe some mysterious above average sheep roaming the northern most lands of America. Either way, it’s might fine carded up in a batt. I have opted to sell by the ounce. Felter’s appreciate this because they usually don’t need a lot of core wool. HOWEVER (I AM EMPHATIC ABOUT THIS), don’t just use this wool for the core. I think you could easily dye the wool. I know I will.


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