Back to that nasty but necessary art of naming a yarn!

I don’t think I was very creative. So here’s what I’ve got. Sweetheart ’cause the pink made me think of girls. Even though I have two boys. bLimey was better than the other choices. Kinda goes with my goofy British humor. Not that I am British. We will not discuss Just Orangey. I think you know why. Hoy Waters because I can’t get enough of the Orkneys. Finally, You’ve Been Inked was my fancy play on the fact that if an octopus would ink you if he got scared. Then… (refer to next photo)


sweetheart, just orangey, bLimey, hoy waters, you’ve been inked (left to right obviously)

My favorite name is Jill’s Blues because Jill isn’t blue but she does knit with a lot of my blues. I owe her a bLimey but I will come up with some other fun name. As for the others, they were just a way to not be original. The High Priest seems to be one of my favorite color blends. I hate orange but I love this orange. Maybe I should have named the yarn Love Hate.


high priest, jill’s blues, bLimey, blueberry stains

That’s it. We will definitely get original for the next batch of dyed yarns!



Just being silly!


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