Kettle Dyed Merino’s

This was a test of my Merino network. I have:

Skein 1 (left): Merino 80 / Nylon 20

Skein 2 (middle): Merino 80 / Nylon 13 ? / Silver Filament 2 (have to check my labels)

Skein 3 (right): Merino 100%

All are sock/fingering weight. After dying this lot, I have decided it’s time to do a sport and worsted weight version as well. Holy canole! The skeins softened with the first dye bath. I kept it simple too. Just two colors and a little time in the afternoon. Ironically, my dye kitchen is outside with my kitchen garden and I chose…blue?

See photo below. Skeins are in store as of today and the prices vary from $20-24 and yardage varies from 420 to 450 yards. The next dye group will have 840 per dye lot guaranteed. These beauties are on their own this time.


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