Fair Penelope

“If you never try, then you’ll never fail. If you never fail, then you’ll never gain.”Image

We all have a bit of Penelope in us…faithfulness, loyalty, honor, creativity, unconditional love, sincerity, intelligence…the list goes on. Every woman who walks in to my shop is a Penelope in my mind. She is brave, hard-working and relentless in her pursuit of happiness.

What does this quote have to do with Suzoo’s, a fiber arts studio/knit shop? Well, a lot. I set out to create a beautiful garment with purpose and meaning. Otherwise my garment would just be…a garment. I named her Penelope. Her details were fine and the design was clear. To me. I basically work from a visual point-of-view. In other words, it would take some seriously good detective work to decipher my work.

I have come to the conclusion that I could find a way to write down the pattern, but the story is best told through charts.

Cast on 11 stitches. Increase on both ends and on both sides until the first arrow is complete. Then you increase only on one side at both ends (obviously) until you have the desired width.

Then it occurred to me that every woman has a right to perceive Penelope in her own way. So below is the chart. You can cast a lot of stitches and have a wide bottom. You can cast on 11 stitches and let her have a more round bottom. Hee hee. She has an interesting shape! You can increase a lot to have her arms wrap around you like a big heart shaped hug.

Most important, I want you to make her yours. This is your challenge. Post your results on Facebook at Suzoos Wool Works. Share with a friend. This pattern should belong to ALL women. You are priceless!


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