Sweet Tomato

For the love of Cat Bordhi

So I love to be baffled because it makes me a smarter knitter. You can ask Margaret. Ripping just makes you know more about what you knitted. Sometimes you just have to do it. The last two days have been about getting a proportionately accurate sock with the sweet tomato heel. Suzanne is doing this two at a time on magic loop. She’s brave. I opted to do this on two circ’s on a sport weight yarn so that I could focus on my stitch work. Plus I can explain the stitches easier when you can see them (or where they should be). Then it occurred to me that I could do this sock without much mystery. I started with Judy’s Magical Cast-on then just increased with Ma and Grandma until the sock toe was snug but fitting. From there you just straight knit until I hit my the base of my heel. For me the base is right where the instep ends and the meet of your heel starts. I did a total of three tomato heel seams (I call them that because once you push past the seam, you create the meat of the tomato). Immediately after I finished the final Thanks Ma, I went in to my rib for the leg portion. I will knit until I run out of yarn. Here’s what I have done so far. Hope you enjoy…

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