Jogless Stripes

So I normally don’t get cranky. Today I was sent a test and she was very interesting. She was hoping to “talk to a real knitter.” This insult was based on the fact that I did not know how to create a jogless stripe. Like many others, I just accept the stripes being a little wonky on my hats because you are knitting up, not sideways. I respect the Mayan belief that no one or no thing can be more perfect than God. Plus nobody has ever returned a hat saying, “this sucks because the stripes are jogging!”

NOTE: Anyone who is willing to frog, tink, cry over dropped yarn over’s, or keep knitting after all of the drama has subsided is in my opinion a real knitter. You are not defined by how much you know but how hard you are willing to work for the end product. This includes the tiniest project like a wash clothe. Just keepin’ it real!

Here’s an example of a jogging stripe:


The stripes are off balance. This is normal and IT IS OKAY. However, Eunny Jang has solved all of our problems with a simple slipped stitch. Bless her soul ’cause now I can knit more stripey hats for my kids.

Here is what happens when you knit with the slipped stitch method. It does work. The stitches block out and only a nerdy knitter will say…hey, why are there two stitches there instead of three. Good for you! Also, if you are knit-picking my photo, I cut my final two rows short by purling back and slipping on the purl side then turning back. Just wanted to prove a point. Explains the ugly stitch markers.

If you are knitting in the round then this would look more balanced than what I am showing you. The join is in the middle. Looks better in person.


That’s my beef for the day. Back to work untangling yarn, knitting a shop sample and trying to fix a snag!



3 thoughts on “Jogless Stripes

  1. Well since I’ve frogged, tinked, cried, dropped many a stitch yet managed to fix the error and keep going…I guess I’m a real knitter!

  2. I just hope that age is not a factor in being a “real knitter” because I know a three kids under the age of 13 who are pretty damn good at fair isle and more. I just have to explain once and they are telling me what to do!!!!

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