The Great Lace Race

Jill R is the knitter and she is awesome!


The Great Lace Race and Yarn Conundrum

I have a customer who is just inspired. Once she finds the yarn, she will scour the patterns for a match. Sometimes, it happens the other way around. I always joke that it depends on your mood swings. Yes, men too.

Right now there is a lull in pattern releases. Am I shocked? Not really. It’s not easy coming out with something that nobody has ever seen before. It’s worse when you see an old pattern released as new and all they did was change the color. That’s when I go in to creative overdrive. That is why I always have about three to four reference books nearby. Penelope is a combination of my overactive imagination, romantic nature, a couple of books and some tears (of course).

So why am I writing this article? I want you to stop what you are doing. This very minute 🙂 and grab that 400 knit stitch book. Maybe instead of waiting for the next great design, you can create something for yourself. Perhaps there is a workshop in the future for how to design your own shawl? I think I just committed myself to yet one more thing.

Now let’s get down to the knitty gritty of this posting. Basically I have on order 6 pounds of fingering and 2 pounds of sport. In the meantime, I will have 4 pounds of a single ply lace merino coming in next week. This means I will be putting together 850 yard skeins of hand dyed yarn for your next lace project. I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!!!!



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