“Penelope by Night” Goes to Auction….

“Penelope by Night” goes to auction at the Environmental Nature Center, 6 pm on Friday night!

She has been a work in progress. All that work I did in Massachusetts was ripped apart down to the last cast-on stitch. I made her longer and more dainty. No more triangles. This lady needed something more. “Penelope by the Sea” will be my next version of the Penelope series, but first I must write down how I finished. A regular cast-off was not good enough. I did a double crochet cast-off with a single chain to snug it up a bit. BUT I was not satisfied with how she was shaping up after I completed three rows of crochet lace work on the bottom edge. The grand finale was a kind of half deble meets Jennifer’s desire for a clean edge.

When Penelope hit the water, you could see every stitch relax. Suddenly hearts swelled, waves grew stronger and the arrows fell in line. What an amazing process.

The pattern will be made available sooner than later, but I need to test my work before it can be released to the public. Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced. You must have a working knowledge of lace and SC, DC and Chaining. I will have to explain my 1/2 D a la Jennifer on the pattern.

For now, here’s my photo story:

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