It’s not knitting, it’s not’s knooking!


I knooked at Suzoo's today on my Knitter's Pride Tunisian Crochet hooks

Tunisian Hooks Work!

So I tested out the Dreamz Tunisian Interchangables today. I couldn’t resist. Knooking is an adjustment but if you have ever picked up a drop stitch then you know how to knook. I drew my cable through the stitches and worked back and forth. There are many similarities between magic loop and knooking. So I recommend using a 47″ cord so that you have room to turn and get in to your stitch. If you are using the crochet hook with a string then make sure it is thick.

The reason I prefer the density of the 47″ line is because of the density. It was easier to have a firm surface to work the stitches. Then a customer came in and bought the needles right then and there. So I will need to get a new set.

By knit, hook or knook…we shall have a hat made!

So I am going to put some links on this because I think they are worthwhile to put in  here. Basically, all these years I have been lazy using a crochet hook to knit my stitches, I have been knooking. I use the same concept for picking up stitches along edges of sweaters or even to join pieces. The words in my head were “gee, how can I work it so that I can stay with the crochet hook as opposed to transferring every four stitches to a knit needle.

You can use a Tunisian crochet hook. I will be getting a sample of the interchangeables from Knitter’s Pride. Now I am so curious about the process. Ideally, you will want to have a cable or line that is soft and flexible. A stiff cable will just hinder your movements and make it harder to knook in a circle. This much I get. NOW you can pay money to buy a crochet hook with a hole in it. OR, you can use a drill and put a hole in your bamboo hook.

Advice: slowly drill. So you will hear a lot of revving but don’t force the drill head through. Let it drill its way through slowly.

Another piece of advice: Reinforce your wood with a coat of varnish or similar finish. This way you are strengthening the wood. Nail polish might do the job, but I think a small can of varnish works too. Nevermar® works too. Anything that is going to help keep the integrity of the wood.

I will be happy to show people how this is done. This is useful for many types of projects and scenarios.


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